Im thinking

Reading a bitter truths blog and the fact that i could barely understand a word in physics made me think.
Im at the end of my high school.
And what ive learnt in my 16 years is that well the real world sucks.
Were taking steps towards adulthood.
Making choices as to how we want our life to be.
Leaving high school.
It means leaving what is sort of a safe haven for us.
Leaving people who are an integral part of our life.
Ive moved on before when i transferred to tws.
But I guess that since Ive matured considerably in my time here.Made friends, shared experiences with them ,this time its not going to be easy to move on.
The friends ive made here have been there for me through thick and thin, an ever ready shoulder to cry on(not that i did).
Stood by me and helped me along, hard as i tried to push them away.
Like an A.N.G.E.L.
Can you just erase a person who has had an enormous impact on you life like that???
A person who has been your milestone?
Given you that last sherd of hope when you really needed it?
I hope im not that easy to forget either.(coz that would kindo of suck)
so now just a week left till im in high school.
Shouldnt i be happy??


TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

That was really sweet.
I dunno. Nothing is sinking in =/
But I mean friends, I won't forget you guys too =) Maybe people drift apart but definetly not forget.
I will miss you and like I wanted to tell you before, you've left a very distinct sort of, very different mark on my heart that is hard to forget, in a good way ofcouse, so you're someone that I won't forget (inshAllah)

Ry said...

Lol.Rubbbbyyy :D :D
From all of that, you’ve learned that life has sucked? Aw, rubs, that means that you haven’t hung out with me long enough :P We are taking steps to our adulthood(COUGH) cause as each day goes, we grow up bit by bit. =P We’re called /persistent/ cuz no matter what you do, we won’t let you go. Cause you’re that special to us and you just mean that much. You can’t just erase a person like that. Cause..once a person is in your life and has some meaning, you get slightly attached to them. Btw. I’m going to start miscalling you a lot. Cause randomly, you tend to pop up into my head quite a few times. You should be happy that you’re graduating and that you overcame the exams . .but at the same time, we just can’t help but feel the sorrow bcause we know that these times will never return or come back again. And you know, screw what people say, we WILL stay in contact and we will eb awesome! =P