Quirky facts about moi

So, I was tagged by this talented lady over here, and I shall do what it requires:-

The Rules are:
[copied and pasted!]

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~ Six quirky but unspectacular factoids about yourself
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1:i have this wierd creepy disorder where i get completely absorbed in a subjet and will stay up all night trying to figure it out...trure story people just last night i stayed up till five watching this wierd french movie about tennis...
2:I like songs no one in thier right mind would even wanto to listen to.
3:i love romance soo much that i make up my own extra steamy version of movies even war movies...
4:i hate talking..the wierd way your mouth moves(yeah i know creepy)
5:when im in the kitchen even while making tea i like to pretend im in a cooking show even though if by any miracle i end up in one..its gonna be one ewww set!!
6:I have this superpower where i can read peoples mind..i wish...i can however figure out whts oothering people...
7:i know this is not part of the deal...but i have one more to share i obsees on people like a crazed stalker..except my stalkees live too far from me..for example right know im making a jhon abraham collage...

Wow that took a long time to think up im not a very interesting person...

sick of studying

Im am sooo sick and tired of studying soo much and as God (and my mother ofcourse)is my witness i have never studied soo much just today i did three chapters of chem and two of physics and right now im doing some pastpapers..i been missing greys anatomy for a whole week!!!seriously....what is happening my head hurts like hell i have fever my bach hurts..my throat hurts...and im studying!!!!
AND NO ONE CALLS ME!!!except for a certian someone i dont really wanna talk to!:(