Idiot bimbo1:Why is the kaabah blakc?
Even more idiotic imbo 2:Duh!coz blacks hot.
Me:WTH *stunned silience*
O wait it does get better, the islamic teacher is standing there and just laughs it off.
What gets me even more pissed is the fact NO ONE said anything to that freak.NOt even me,granted im not the stand up and start fighting kind of person,the least i could have done have attempted to knock some sense into that thick skull of her.
Im not gonna mention a name,because even though i dont think she has enough brain in her to be able to read,I have managed to get into trouble for mentioning names (courtsey a few).
What amazes me is how can someone mock thier own religion like that,and not be rebuked by an entire class of what 20 students not to mention a really elderly islamic teacher.

does this picture not make sense???
Image from postsecret :D

pictures say a thousand words

I've been roaming around always lookin down at all I see.
Painted faces fill the places I can't reach.
You know that i could use somebody....

Ive always wanted you....Always needed....Always loved you

You were the only thing that held me togather,when i was so close to the edge....

Every kiss.....every touch.....the way you held me.....

I miss it all,But most of all.....i miss you

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I still dont know what to do

Ive always known id want to be somebody not just anybody,i want to travel the world, i want to live on my own terms.I want to be free with no one to hold me back(the reason the im against marriage)
My dreams my aspirations my professions have changed every month every week sometimes.One day i want to be a vampire slayer anotheri want to be a secret agent(Bear in mind i was 12).I always thopught id know what i want to do when tyhe time comes.
But now when its time to actually choose a path in completely flabbergasted.Seriously,I have no frigging idea as to what i want to do.I just know i want to be really rich and travel and stuff.
So if you people would help me and leave some suggestions as to what you think i should do.PLEASE

P.s.I ahve a black theme wohooooo


I’ve been tagged and given this FABULOUS AWARD by CLosedeyes for my blog Somewhere over the rainbow.Thank you sweetheart for this award.your blog is amzing and i love it.

The rules for this award:
* List 5 obsessions
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Remember do not pass any judgements on my....obsessions..

Ive watched countless documentraies about this place.Thers something about this place that is completely alluring.From the eiffel tower to the museums to the parks and even the people.

Edward cullen.Angel.lestat.I mean if vampires are so hot and dowwnright amazing why obsesses over normal guys no???
3.the one who haunts my dreams

Havent met him yet and dont think i ever will seeing as each passing week the bar goes higher and higher.I blame hollywood:P
I dont understand what is with me and this word.i have subconsiously said it to so many people.I lost count after the 20th

mmmm is all that comes to mind when i think of this amzingly soft and melts in your mouth warm delicacy.the person who gave us choclate whoever you are thank you so much.
just the

Movies songs real life.Whatever im obsessed with it.we all want a bit of it in our lives right?

I tag Arfa richa naina if i can find her and mariam


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,but by the moments that take our breath away.
I read this on a blog "live love and learn".
Ive read this somewhere before i dont remember where.I remember that hese words kindof i dunno just started resonating through me.I could acually hear it,so many different versions of it.
Now ive been thinking,(i know i do a lot of that).
But why is it that i spend almost all my time thinking about Me, I
There are 7 billion people on this planet,why cant i be like arfa or smething care about others except for just be so obessed with ME.
I do everything to please others.
Im a pushover for that reason.
Why is it so important for me to be liked.To be in a clique.
Why do I have to let myself be sucked into a vortex of endless depression by little things.
I know my thoughts make no sense and have no match with the title at all.But somehow eventhough my brain is at this very moment telling me its wrong to just expose my self, my thoughts on the world wide web,I just cant seem to control my fingers from moving across this keyboard.

I know my blogs dont seem normal or sane at all.Im even thinking of deactivating it.
I dont know anymore.
BUt i would really appreciate it if you would leave a comment on my blog as it encourages me.

Drama queen

Why do people have this annoying habit of over reacting.Maybe its the fast getting to thier brains.Maybe its the fact that these people are downright moronic.Whatever the reason be,I do not think they have any right at all to jump to coclusions wiothoiut hearing the entire story.
Is it really necessary to exxagerate things and Ugh.....
None of my thoughts are making sense right now.
Im hungry and im pretty sure ive dehyrated.
And here i was thinking lets be calm and happy during ramadan.Lets not try to think about murder and suicide...Lets just spend the next 30 days in euphoria.See how well that turned out.
Sometimes i think the idea of having friends is completely and utterly idiotic.
Why do you need relationships even not just friendship, when you know these are the people that will eventually attempt to rip your heart out.And will forever loom in the shadows waiting to pounce on you waiting to just tear you appart.
Maybe im a drama queen, and maybe im exxagerating this.
Whatever.I dont even care anymore.


Yeah thats right i just found out that i do not have a favourite colour.
I mean yesterday i asked 2 people and they promptly replied.Then the question came to me i was...well actually..stomped.I just wrote all the colours that came to my mind.And apparently im a rainbow colour person

.....hollow sound

Thats the sound you would here if you were to rap my head right about now.i know this seems like a bit of an exxageration but i am literally bored outta my mind.
Arfa you blogged the very thing ive been thinking ever since...i dunno forever.
UAE has nothing fun to do...which well affordable
So lets randomly blabber i thought to myself.
First up is why the hell is everything in this freaking country so costly????DO they not realize the fact that normal people also reside in this country, who have to pay thier rent and dont get a free villa courtesy the goverment!!!!
I have begun to seriously dislike the tv.
I mean really what is the harm in playing a normal movie once in a while and mbc4 please note:were not all arabs.We like to watch stuff that we can actually understand and just stare at perfectly made up arab versions of barbie nad ken!!!!
Indian soaps are blah...But kudos to you for finally dropping the sas on bahu and vice versa crap and starting up the issue of polygmy in almost every serial.
The only thing left to watch on tv is scrubs and thats just on on sunday.
I want to try to make a choclate soufflae...or rather have someone make it for me and eat it.
Its amazing to finally taste normal dahi.Pakistan dahi is so....pure.I mean no preservatives or artificial flavours.How else are we supposed to enjoy yougurt and at the same time contract awful diseases.Tsk tsk.
Wow i think this post just turened into a rant.
Huh this really must be a case of monday blues i supposes.
Lets see if tuesday fares any better.

Boy do i have a few things on my mind.......

Well ladies and gentelmen im back to my hometown of dxb, and let me tell you it feels amazing to be back in the desert.
Ofcourse i miss the not being able to sleep at night because the light goes of every 10 seconds.Ok exxageration an hour, and then staying up all night talking with my cousins about nothing and everthing at the sametime.
Just packing up getting in a car and heading to god knows where in the middle of the night(my cousing drove ofcourse seeing as im not allowed anywhere near a steering wheel, since one itsy bitsy disatorous attempt after another and then another)
But i finally figured whats the difference between the break and the race.
My house was a mess.....took me ages to get it back to gather.
I wonder how it is that men do not seem even the least bit botherd about this fact.
How can anyone be surrounded by a pile of dust and junk in a place that looked and smelled like someone had been brutally murderded here and then left here to rot.And now as our maid back in pakistan used to say "mien chuk par gayi hai"......
What i miss most about pakistan is....

I felt amazingly refreshing to be surrounded by family who constanly pick at your flwas and throw water at you again and again despit the evil eye i gave them quite a few times.The amazing scenery's of ayubia and nathakali.
I learned how to actually be useful in the kitchen and not just hover around and chat and irritate people.And im proud to say i have perfected the art of breakfast especially eggs and just the right toast.Chopping onions and tomatoes and what the pakistanis like to call masala:)
Unfortunately i think i might be hooked on tea.
I just keep waiting and waiting for the lights to suddenly go off and me to start cursing asif zardari and the pakistani goverment for thier uselessness.
Heres a list of names my mamu came up for me.
otheres that are really hard to pronounce.

All in all i had an wonderful time in pakistan despite the constant loadshedding.
Insomnia.People trying to put a truck of food in my stomach.
But i would be a liar if i said it isnt amzing to be free of the heat and humidity and lightlessness of pakistan and back in the reespite of an ac.which hopefully will never go of...

In the end happy birthday to arfa.
Love you blog.I just read all ive missed.