people and places

People come in so many different shapes sizes and colours they always surround you even if you dont want them to.
People are the ones who frequently raise you into an euphoric state.
People are frequenly the ones who cause you to scummb to despair.
People........ahhh what can i say.
They are completely unpredictable.
Even your best freiend since god knows when, your own kin even, can in a blink of an eye cange colours right there in front of you.
Every one around me seems to be shifting, into this unimaginably cruel and cold person.
There seems to this dark weave around me spun by is drunk spider, alienating everyone around me,pushing them further and further away.
i short once again my life sucks and i can see no way around this __________.

Benn in pakistan lately so havent really been able to blog and read others blog.