Twilight the movie


Starting of at that yummy note.I would like to publicly anounce tht fact that I JUST SAW TWILIGHT...
I was kind of dissapointed that marium couldnt make it.It would have really rocked if she was there,it was okay nevertheless,me and saba got all dolled up for edward!yeah talk about obsessed.Saba looked amazing as always,i finally got my wish of getting my hair curled.yaay!
We had fun playing i wannabe sarcasm intended

we went to watch twilight after.The mall was filled with teens mostly girls lining up to watch twilight.which is pretty unusual for mega mall,its never this full and day of the week.
Edward wasnt in there in any of the main posters. all the posters had james,who even though is pretty hot wasnt why me and so many other girls had come to see.THe only poster with edward on it was on the ground where a couple of guys were trying to stamp on his nose,saying edward cullen sucks.
I loved the movie once after sevral pinces from saba (love you so much) "helped" me block out the movie so i wouldnt find every minute mistake in it.Edward cullen wasnt as chrming and perfect and amazing as i had expectd,but i guess that is as close as we will get to see edward cullen in reality.Bella was fine since i never really concentrated on her that much.They changed a lot of the books details,But that is to be expected since it was a two hour movie!
I actually saw this guy who would be a perfect edward cullen,with the perfect bronze hair and that perfect crooked smile(which i did not see in the movie btw),and perfect height and perfect dress sense,and he wasnt even eating anything.
Me and saba satalked him until the second from where he mesteriouslt but perfectly dissapeared.


Tears, scars and death... thats all life is to me

Today ladies and gentleman is the united Arab emirates 37Th national day wishing..37 year of toil and labour has led to this extravagant and lustrous city....
My exams pretty much sucked we were supposed to go the 1st (which was yesterday)to collect our marks,I already know all my exams sucked I didn't bother to go,and right know I'm wishing i had,just to get this over with,now i have to wait until the 18Th.*SAD*
I still cant believe once again i gave up john Abraham for stupid physics chem and all the other exams.
I was really looking forward to going to watch twilight with all my friend but most of them cancelled i don't know if angel is coming so its just going to be and Saba again.I'm not saying it isn't fun but mega is small and i get stalked and tired of roaming around.Just hope angel is coming (no pressure).And I'm not whinhig to my friend I understand you all had some reasons just saying i wished yo had.
When will people understand that words can cut as sharply as any blade, and that those cuts leave scars upon our souls.This is something i want to ask the entire human population actually.
Did i already talk about my exams??yeah i did