What i do when im bored

*Phone rings*
Saba picks up *dead voice*....heloo
Me; Hi saba??
Saba how r u??
Me;omg did u hear N gt a bf
Saba; No freaking way
ME;mmhmm and so did urdu nerd
Saba;*Shocked* No Way
Me; Ahann
Saba;Says something me to busy is watching matthew magconahy
Me;huh wtf
Saba;omg wht r u gonna do
Me;abt what
Saba;u know when you boyfriend(when you finally find the one) says i love you, youre gonna be like huh???
hes gonna be like i love u
youre gonna be huh....I love grays anatomy.
Hes gonna be like wtf
Me;Heyyyyy so not true
ME;well you know ifyou bf says i love you ud jump him
ME;Why are you proud of that.
Saba; I hate Chem
Me;i know

Continues for about and hour

Sortof related to the last post

Ok the last post it dosent how the fact that im emo or something its just one of those days, i hope other people have, well not really thst would be kind of cruel but but just so i dont end the only freak.
So yes getting back to the point im tired of looking at my chem book, because it is ugly, just horrid truth be told.
Today moring i waited 2 hours exactly just so i wouldnt have to get up and look at that *%*$*$ book.
It did not help, since i had to spend the rest of my day looking at it.
But i suppose since the exams are like two days away i have to.
I just remembered this thing Ry keeps asking me how do i motivate my self, i attempted to figure it coz, because truth be told i was completly cluless as to the awnser.
Then I remembered this book called the other side of midnight by sidney sheldon had this sort of line i never have been able to forget; it went like" i dont want to end up like them(refering to her family), just going along without being" at least i think thats how it went.
So yes.
Ahh im tired i want a new book!!!!!!

Broken strings

All i want is one reason, one reason as to why I force my self out of bed.
One reason as to why i have to spend countless hours walking amongst those i no longer find to be a part of me.
Why i have to tire for people who don't even recognise me.
who never take my feelings my thoughts into account.
Why must I spend all this time trying to please those who are never pleased no matter how hard i might try. No matter how broken I am.
Can no one see. I can no longer force myself to inhale, because if i do is there any guarantee i might ever exhale.
My heart my mind, no longer respond to my pleas, to just go on for this live.
Just stick it through find the light at the end of this tunnel.
But is there really any light at all.
Or am I just going through all this plight for nothing.
They say to me its the hard times that make the good times better.
But what if the hard times never end.
Will these ghosts never leave me.
Will these shadows, these horrid memories never cease to haunt me, to tease me.
I can no longer see the light they all talk about, no longer see the hope they all converse about.
I can no longer wait till He decides to end my plight to spare me.

Just few random things

Well yesterday i was watching this surprisingly boring excuse for a movie, but one thing this guy who i think may be the protagonist said was; ughhh what do you women want why don't you just rite a book, then the woman made a heart sign, and then i kind of zoned out.
But really if you think about it what women really need, actually want no matter how independent they claim to be, is in fact a prince charming, they re knight in shinning armour.Even though most of us may not admit it but we to like to pampered, need to feel loved, need some to be they re romeo,and say words like •"One fairer than my love? The all-seeing sun
Ne'er saw her match since first the world begun."
Or is it?
Would Cinderella have kept on sweep floors and serve her step family had the shoe fit her step sister?
Would Rapunzel finally have the fact that ladder exist is her prince charming had given up on her.
would the dwarfs finally figured out the Heimlich maneuver and snow white would have gotten up and gotten a job.

Also i kind of noticed that i have become obsessed with writing on my blog, for some bizarre reason.
I really this song i just heard Anna nalick's breath, its technically supposed to be a depressing song, but strangely enough makes me feel exuberant


my list of hotness

i loved him when he had short normal hair

how could any list be complete without me amour

ok mariam you were right he is chaud

he looks amazing in this pic j'adore
and hes in the next twilight movie

Perfect combo of bad boy and i dont give a damn...heart beating...faster and faster


I woke up at 5am today and saw first hand what the first... second i dunno light of the day feels like.OF course i did go right back to sleep.
I ve deloped a certian fascination towards my pillow for some reason, at leat that is what the picture my brother took shows.
Nothis like seeing birds at it to make you feel grossed out at nature.
Wow people are really studying, like its the day of earth. I really like that movie.
MUST.SEE. ANGELS AND DEMONS. Loved the book, specially the awesome han writing, i wish i could write like that.
I just rediscoverd my love for romantic comidies, nothing like a dose of just like heaven to rignite you emoness.
I lourve all american rejects theyre so cool.
Hope it gives you hell....
i need to start doing something constructive with my life

.......i have no idea whats wrong with me...


Time and tide wait for no man...
Proverbs, often meant to be metaphorical, funny how true they sometimes seem.
I mean just think about it; one minute your a little plumb toddler in your mummy's arms, the next your walking talking and annoying everyone with your nonstop blabbering, the next your starting school. You no longer want your mom and dad to be there. Youve made friends, life couldnt be better.
You close your eyes to inhale and enjoy this moment, you wake up and your life just took a sudden u-turn to hell. Well its over now so you exhale, but youve never quiet recovered, you just wait cautious and alert for the next blow.
Youre in grade 9 youve just started a new school, you hate every minute of it. But then you meet people and you think its not so bad, so u stick your chin up, keep a stiff upper lip and just suck it up.
You closed your eyes for just one second and you wake up and your in mid-term the teachers droning on about something, you couldnt care less.Your surrounded by people saying things, you see this mouths moving but you dont here anything.
Finally its summer break. You rejoycing with a drink and all the junk food you could find, enjoying the bliss of being alone.An bam your in grade 11 and holy shit just a week, barely even left for your IGCSE exams and your blogging, but you just needed to get this out, or we just might have to post another entry about how bored you are.

>>>>>>>BLah <<<<<<<<<

SO IGCSE examination....Holy shit!!!!!!!!
My last few exams have just managed to cross the OK line, by 0.000000002!!
And i dunno what i did in bio.. i mean i was pretty sure of my graph.But then i found out that it was wrong apparently. This kind of really really sucks, not just the I'm exaggerating because im such a drama queen, but really as in literally totally, sukily but yes. So Mari yes im not oficially in your were gonna fail group.
My mind apparently is still slumbering so cant get any normal post outta it.
btw..does my mom dosent allow phones, she thinks theyre evil, kind make it obvious you dont wanna give your phone number????

Here in your arms

I like,
Where we are,
When we drive,
In your car.
I like,
Where we are,

Cause our lips,
Can touch.
And our cheeks,
Can brush.
Our lips can touch,

Where you are the one, the one,
That lies close to me.
Whispers, "Hello,
I've missed you quite terribly."
I fell in love, in love,
With you suddenly.
Now there's no place else,
I could be, but,
Here in your arms.

I like,
Where you sleep,
When you sleep,
Next to me.
I like,
Where you sleep,

Our lips,
Can touch.
And our cheeks,
Can brush.
Cause our lips can touch,

Where you are the one, the one,
That lies close to me.
Whispers, "Hello,
I've missed you quite terribly."
I fell in love, in love,
With you suddenly.
Now there's no place else,
I could be, but,
Here in your arms.

Our lips can touch.
Our lips can touch,

You are the one, the one,
That lies close to me.
Whispers, "Hello,
I've missed you quite terribly."
I fell in love, in love,
With you suddenly.
Now there's no place else,
I could be, but,
Here in your...

You are the one, the one,
That lies close to me.
Whispers, "Hello,
I've missed you quite, miss you quite..."
I fell in love, in love,
With you suddenly.
Now theres no place else,
I could be, but,
Here in your arms.

Here in your arms.
Oh, here in your... arms.


Groupism, definition-noun the tendency to conform to the general thinking and behavior of a group.
we see it all around us you can call them cicks you can call them sisterhood of the travelling pants, its still groupism.
Im not judging anyone or saying we should all be one big happy family.No,I myself am groupist, I conform to the genral thinking and behaviour of a group.The point im trying to convey is that sometimes its a bit too much specially when members or a particular group form thier own group and get all yeah its kinda personal, you know its her thing. And then they ask you dude why dont you talk to us, you think i dont love you.Seriously dont you think when certian people who you think are really good friends just form thier own group and try to be all secretive and dont even mention the names of the people in fron of you.Can you blame someone for just getting up and talking to people who actually bother including you in a conversation.Really.
Why did you have to go and make things so complicated.

Nothing in particular

We I am attempting to write that all mature and you sophisticated.
Lets see. So this post is genrally gonna be about hpw much i think the universe should start revolving around me, so you just disontinue reading.
I am marvelled at the amout of free time I have on my hands, honestly if you notice the fact that i have been able to follow up all of my blogs with yet another meaningless blabber you would realize what im talking about here.
Now concerning my view of the entire world being filled with sorry souls just drifting around purpouseless with thier minds full of" omg my life sucks", its not that im emo or something its just that well I dunno I PMS a lot i guess, but like anyother normal human being I have a brain which gives me the ability to think and for some reason i find my self concerned with bigger thoughts omg my bf was totally flirting with tha bitch.. ugg i hate him. Well really i mean there are things like cancer HIV and variously diseases in the world, many people are dying from it, hell we have IGCSE exams in 8 freaking days and all people can think is that do you think this lipstick goes with my dress.
Lastly i thnink that the minstry of education needs to really review theyre examination boards (if they have any). And you tell what is death, how am i supossed to know that when im still very much breathing.
So do you think this was mature and or sohisticted plz comment:D

Arabic and islamic

Tomorows my Arabic and Islamic exams and i am freaking otta my little head.
Nothing is sticking in, personally i think its physics and maths fault.
And i just realized why islamic notebook was made, i have no i dea what questions are coming and my book is all torn apart!!!!!!!