Wow it just keeps getting screwed up and screwed uper, even though i know that's not a word.
Just when i think I'm finally almost done, more thing pop up. Like i though i finished chem but turned out i forgot almost all or grade 9. whohoo. And i still have past papers and I'm spending like so much time just sitting surrounded by all these book that im getting claustrophobic. This really sucks. I just want to get this over with at the same time I wasnt like a lot of A* so I can get a sony VIO.
And why isn't coming online, i mean really dudes i need someone to talk to like right now.
Can someone please call me!!!!I'm dying here. Well not really...I just i forgot where i was going with this.
So now I have to do maths and Paper 6 for physics and stuff since i stuck at them.

Moving on

Today at graduation this girls speech really mad me think. I mean i might make it soung like "phew what a relief hight school is finally over", but really when you think about it im not really that cold.
There are parts of high school that i wont miss like the whiny creepy plastic bimbos from planet omg look at me. or discrimination agains shor people making them stand in order, or the excessive racism, groupism etc(even though the teacher(who do it them selves) state otherwise). or our stupid uniforms, especially the pinafors which make me look really fat btw. All that u must wear only white bands or knee lenght socks and all that crap, did i mention the OBD retards. oh yeah i did.
Even though that is a long long list, there are some parts of high school i will miss; my friends for exampe (im gonna list em all out): Saba(u were in my old school and bff), sundus(my first friend in tws: <3),Rimsha (<3 <3), mariam ahmed(<3 <3) mariam bint, sara abbas, amna, afifa, ayesha, warda touqir.
And the awesome times we spend togather.and um..nothing else really coz TWS sucks :)


Well here I am graduated without even giving my exams.Im not being sarcastic i mean how many people can boost the fact that they graduated without even overcoming those nightmarish excuse for making our lives even more tormenting, EXAMS.
It was kinda ok you know i got really scared on stage and kinda ran as soon as i got my "Course Completion" certificate. And I hit like two people when i threw my hat, talk about knocking out two birds with a stone.
I couldnt even enjoy it because they made us sit in height order(which i think is dricimination against people who are normal height by the unusally tall). and i didnt not really like the person next to me. I did notice that all the other people in my class got to sit togather. IM not really a conspiricay freak or anything but really one two many incidents like that do make you wonder.
I was a bit dissapointed actually that i dint get any awards I mean, not trying to be a pompus retard or anything but i do works hard, not just me but fie and richie they work pretty hard to. OMG i think it was ms mariama who chose people for the award. That would explain a lot. That racist __bag.

To Naina

I just found out ns mom passed away and i have to say i was completly shocked for like 2 mins and kept reading arfus blog entry.
I dont really know her mom that well but ive met her in my old school HHES and talked to her on the phone. She was really nice and so bubbly.
Naina i hope ur doing okay.
Im here for you babe<3


Well Im sitting here bored as hell.....and listening to this song because of you; and i have realized im over britney wooho.
This song is really awesome, the words are just so profound and deep and her voice, kell klarkson reallky add magic to this song. I would add it to my blog bt i dot really know how.
Im watching high school musical three; wow zacs gay. vanessa is creepy yeah i dunno why im watching this. well i wouldnt be if someone would be nice enough to come online.But i guess every ones busy craming for the exams. It finally hit me we just have 20 days left and im listening to if u seek amy. OMGG. Thank you fie.
What would my blog be if it didnt hav exclamation marks soo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let me see.......iv e been attempting to study thsts not really working so well for me, its really hard to study when your this addicted to tv and well tv.Im thinking of getting a book to read. I tried reading an ebook but one and half hour later i ended up with really big puffy red eyes well actually they were kindof maroonish, i dunno whats the deal with that.
Islamic Islamic, wny does thou want to kill me, i mean 7 freaking chapters and the questions dear God one chapter has 115 of them,and im not making this up. Seriously is this the ministry of educations way of torturing and angonise us poor students(specially me.
Ive developed this sudden what is a proper word to describe it ah yes infatuction with britney spears and some of her songs (namely:hit me baby one more time, you drive me crazy,and If you seek amy), and i know everyone whose reading this will have a lot words that are synonyms with crazy to describe me, but what can I say. In words of a very wise person thats just how cool I am.