Is this a friendly universe

Normally i'd go with a yes maybe.
But nowadys im not so sure.
When did we get so selfish and greedy.Ready to trample all over your "friends"your "family" just to get what you want,What you think you deserve.
You hurt everyone and everything on your way and you dont even care.Reaching for the stars you lose your hold on the earth.
Is that ok?
Is that justified to everyone else?
Dont you have even a bit of consience left in you, a bit of heart left in you.
What are you going to do all alone in this world.No companion no oven to listen to you.Are you so blinded by wealth that you lost track of who you once were.
Funny that i can feel my heart breaking.No really i can actually hear it shatter into a million tiny irrestorable shards much like a glass.
I dont know why i just wrote this.Its been on my mind for a long time.
Listening to music watching the same consisant life pass by in a blur tends to put things in prespective eh?
How did i get so philosophical.
Im trying to figure out what i want from life what i want to ask the universe.Happiness?success?love?
Maybe a porshe or a limbourgini.

-------Time is an illusion said Albert einstine.Id just like to point out to him wheres it going then?