FlAiR fUsIoN

The sixth form students had the exicting and brilliantly organized "event" entitled the flair fusion...oh wait did i just use the words exicting and well organized in the same sentence as flair fusion...oops what i meant was some what bland and dissaryed.This is the part where A.S.would remark sarcastic and cynical rabi!!
What does that even mean.well im not getting into details of how badly planned and lacking in creativity the event was.NO i think i am.Well the fashion show was i think the only attraction it had to offer.The other dances and performances i can comment on really because i didnt get to see them.But really we have to give the sixth form a bit of credit seeing as they did organize and think up the entire event all on thier own..oh wait no wasnt it the 2005th year of 12th graders,and did it not have the same event and order as last year and the year before(yes yes i know cynical and sarcastic).

Anyway im not going to get into all the details of that mainly because there are much better thing to discuss.
me and S.A. decided to go to sahara to get something to eat as well we were famished.
and i couldnt walk in my 3 inch stilletos so i walked barefoot for a while and then because my feet had splinters and were aching saba let me borrow hers...which broke after i took two steps!!i kept apologising to her all the way and she making me feel guilty.
some where along the way i was pretty sure we were lost and i was gonna hit her on head with my oversized canadizn university bag if sahara center had not emerged as the sudden sunshine, and glass bits on the road.
I think sahara kept moving 2 steps backward as i moved two steps forward just to tease me.Anyway when we got ther i had to walk barefoot as saba wouldnt let me wear my shoes.and i didnt really because no one was really looking.
Then we rushed to the food courts(barefeet)after we finished washing our feet,and like hungry bears.

note:i was just critizing and being cynical and sarcastic about my school,i really enjoyed the flair fusion when my feet wernt really aching and A>S> and R>K> and G>L>N> were dr.
Espeially r>K and my dancing and etc....
and i really learned a valuable lesson never wear stilletoes to a party where u are pretty sure u will have to do a lot of walking!