Hard times

There are times in every red blooded RBC containing human bieng when you are overwhelmed with this sudden urge to just make it all end,whe you lose all hope,when you feel like nothing can ever change,nothig can make it any better,it can get only get worse from this point forward,when you urge to just be able to slow it down,destroy diminish this pain thats surging though you in firey,killing every shred of hope inside you,without even the tiniest hint of mercy, of regret, of sorrow,leaving you with so much sweltring pain that you loophole,your only way to get out,to be free,is to give it all up,just surrender.
At times like these its worth remembering what life has to offer,not the many brutalies you have sufferd at its hand.Just take a deep breath and smile.Its got to end somewhere somehow.
I know this is very emo and depressing but its true for everone


Poisoned Apple said...

Rabia, perfect =)
I'm so glad you're starting to learn the path to happiness