the emo virus

Im here i love you,i dont care if you need to stay up crying all night ill stay here with you.
thers nothing you can ever do to loose my love.
I will proyect you until you die,even after your death ill still protect you.
I am stronger than depression and braver than loneliness and nothing will ever exhaust me.

                                                                                    -eat pray love by elizabeth gilbert
It seems to all around us;me;nowadys;people just just breaking apart.And me feeling all helpless and unable to do anything at all for them.Any one who might know me even the slightest bit may know that i do not like being in such situations.
Im usually the sort of person that is on top of everything.Planning ahead for almost everything.Ever prepared and ready to roll...Quiet the contol freak.
But as it turns out i cannot master a situation where im supoosed to help a person in distress.I dont know what to say.How not to be sarcastic.Be a bright little ray of sunshine.Maybe thats exactly why i havent really been there for me much either.
And here i tjought i may have a dgree in physocoly.tsk tsk.
I dont understand what im going through right now,my thoughts are so muddled,my brain is more or less a haze;being the selfish little ambilvlant i am, cant really find it inside my self to help anyone.To offer words of comfort.
And not being in control of it all just freaks me out i guess.I want to help;i want to be there butt i dont know dont understand what im supposed to say supposed to do.
And yet again this blog entry ends with me trying to shake off the ever looming and ever present and extremly unwanted company of depression and lonliness.
Maybe one day ill be able to solve my own issues with everything and be able to be there for my friends.
Maybe i could be a good friend a good shoulder to cry on.

Right now just attempting to perfect il bel far niente (the beauty of doing nothing).
im my favourite and possibly the sexies language i want to know....italiano...