Overworked and stressed out

I am literally and seriously tired of everything and lately everyone.
I just cant keep myself from letting out a little bitchyness now and then.
I mean its too much work all this studying, trying to keep up with thoes einstiens in our year.
And to what yield.
Im getting really low marks on MY WEEKLY TESTS.
I dont want this anymore.
Im trying to be nice and friendly and make friends.Alas no one cares.I cannot just cannot make friends as easy as some other people i know.
I miss the good ol days.Back when i was exited to go in AS levels,surrounded by mature people.Maybe there i might find some solace.But no.Maybe this is just the TWS effect but i feel the people in As are even more imature and creepy then in 9/10/11.
Why does life have to be such a popularity contest!!!!!!why!!!why???
I want to live but life insists on smothering me, until...until what im exhausted and.....dead..
I feel used by my friends, by everyone.Like no one would want to know me if i wasnt smart.
Why would they???

And i feel i was really mean to this friend of mine saba...so many apologies to her....


Anonymous said...

hey!!...saba here ...just so u kno .... nd i think i kno how you feel. i mean i do gt tat i m not tat free to talk to all ma friendz..... nd tat i m mostly involved in stuff.....but ill try to slow tat down ...nd calm nd hav some time 4 myself nd u ...nd ma othr friendzz.... nd these stupidly stupid as levl wher ever1 seemz to be doin so gud..!!..i mean i dunno kno how i gt wher i am but i am here...nd i am nnot goin down tat easily...nd nor will i letu...watever happen ...life too short ..nd we r wastin every sec....so i m gonna try nd spend more time..wit u .... nd evry1 else...!!!..... and for the easily conectin to ppl ...woman just be ur self....u dnt hav to change just becuz ppl r sayin weird stuff!!.....bty..: stop apologisin !!....i kno thing happen nd theyll happen again .. it inevitable ...but friends move on...they dnt dwell.on it ..just 4 get it ...i hav but 4 som god damn reason u keep remindin me !!...it happed 2 dayz ago..let it GO!!!