Well here I am graduated without even giving my exams.Im not being sarcastic i mean how many people can boost the fact that they graduated without even overcoming those nightmarish excuse for making our lives even more tormenting, EXAMS.
It was kinda ok you know i got really scared on stage and kinda ran as soon as i got my "Course Completion" certificate. And I hit like two people when i threw my hat, talk about knocking out two birds with a stone.
I couldnt even enjoy it because they made us sit in height order(which i think is dricimination against people who are normal height by the unusally tall). and i didnt not really like the person next to me. I did notice that all the other people in my class got to sit togather. IM not really a conspiricay freak or anything but really one two many incidents like that do make you wonder.
I was a bit dissapointed actually that i dint get any awards I mean, not trying to be a pompus retard or anything but i do works hard, not just me but fie and richie they work pretty hard to. OMG i think it was ms mariama who chose people for the award. That would explain a lot. That racist __bag.


BoogieMonsterMan said...

I fucking hate the person who chose people for awards. THey really honestly did not deserve it. I mean, c'mon, Hanine, Dalia, SAra? THEY DONT WORK HARD! they talk in class, they dno't do anything! they disobey every rule made, they insult teachers, they don't submit their work on time, don't bring books. What about us who obeys every rule and respects teachers? Hoebags (whoever chose the awards)
Bahar, Hasangi, Saba and Sanad truly deserved them.