Wow it just keeps getting screwed up and screwed uper, even though i know that's not a word.
Just when i think I'm finally almost done, more thing pop up. Like i though i finished chem but turned out i forgot almost all or grade 9. whohoo. And i still have past papers and I'm spending like so much time just sitting surrounded by all these book that im getting claustrophobic. This really sucks. I just want to get this over with at the same time I wasnt like a lot of A* so I can get a sony VIO.
And why isn't coming online, i mean really dudes i need someone to talk to like right now.
Can someone please call me!!!!I'm dying here. Well not really...I just i forgot where i was going with this.
So now I have to do maths and Paper 6 for physics and stuff since i stuck at them.