Moving on

Today at graduation this girls speech really mad me think. I mean i might make it soung like "phew what a relief hight school is finally over", but really when you think about it im not really that cold.
There are parts of high school that i wont miss like the whiny creepy plastic bimbos from planet omg look at me. or discrimination agains shor people making them stand in order, or the excessive racism, groupism etc(even though the teacher(who do it them selves) state otherwise). or our stupid uniforms, especially the pinafors which make me look really fat btw. All that u must wear only white bands or knee lenght socks and all that crap, did i mention the OBD retards. oh yeah i did.
Even though that is a long long list, there are some parts of high school i will miss; my friends for exampe (im gonna list em all out): Saba(u were in my old school and bff), sundus(my first friend in tws: <3),Rimsha (<3 <3), mariam ahmed(<3 <3) mariam bint, sara abbas, amna, afifa, ayesha, warda touqir.
And the awesome times we spend togather.and um..nothing else really coz TWS sucks :)


BoogieMonsterMan said...

I swear..Bahar's speech was really something. And I'll miss you ALOT too....don't even ahve words, I really don't.

Ry said...

My dramatic, adorable, nerdy, intelligent, movie-addicted dance partner! =( I'm gonna misss jooo. Bahar's speech WAS ahhmazing, but ykknow. Life goes on cuz that's just how it is. And awesome is what you are. Well, you're silent too, but that's besides the point.

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