Let me see.......iv e been attempting to study thsts not really working so well for me, its really hard to study when your this addicted to tv and well tv.Im thinking of getting a book to read. I tried reading an ebook but one and half hour later i ended up with really big puffy red eyes well actually they were kindof maroonish, i dunno whats the deal with that.
Islamic Islamic, wny does thou want to kill me, i mean 7 freaking chapters and the questions dear God one chapter has 115 of them,and im not making this up. Seriously is this the ministry of educations way of torturing and angonise us poor students(specially me.
Ive developed this sudden what is a proper word to describe it ah yes infatuction with britney spears and some of her songs (namely:hit me baby one more time, you drive me crazy,and If you seek amy), and i know everyone whose reading this will have a lot words that are synonyms with crazy to describe me, but what can I say. In words of a very wise person thats just how cool I am.


BoogieMonsterMan said...

LOL at the end

Ry said...

There's a song by britney called lucky.
I like that song.
oh, and there's a song called everytime by britney too
i like that song as well.