Exactly how i feel at this very moment


Arfa seriously your awesome...and this blog entry has everything ive wanted to say.
Read this and decide if the lady who wrote this is not and i quote "As in I see these people who are so good at writing, blogging, and are well-versed. I can write well in poetry, but articles, not so much. Short stories? No. Creative? No. Well-versed? Psssh."
Ive been doing this same thing for ages writing emo blogposts and then well dey get saved soo..
but ive decided im going to delete all of them, take an intiative you know.After all..
 kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi mien koi acha lagta hai,
kabhi kabhi woh bechar jata hai


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwh! That's awesome! I'm so glad you decided to take a new turn and be happy.
I love you :]

And thanks for the mention..I'm glad you could relate sweetheart.

|| Tranquility || said...

Way to go Rabi-ness!! =D Glad you are onto the more optimistic side :D