Broken strings

All i want is one reason, one reason as to why I force my self out of bed.
One reason as to why i have to spend countless hours walking amongst those i no longer find to be a part of me.
Why i have to tire for people who don't even recognise me.
who never take my feelings my thoughts into account.
Why must I spend all this time trying to please those who are never pleased no matter how hard i might try. No matter how broken I am.
Can no one see. I can no longer force myself to inhale, because if i do is there any guarantee i might ever exhale.
My heart my mind, no longer respond to my pleas, to just go on for this live.
Just stick it through find the light at the end of this tunnel.
But is there really any light at all.
Or am I just going through all this plight for nothing.
They say to me its the hard times that make the good times better.
But what if the hard times never end.
Will these ghosts never leave me.
Will these shadows, these horrid memories never cease to haunt me, to tease me.
I can no longer see the light they all talk about, no longer see the hope they all converse about.
I can no longer wait till He decides to end my plight to spare me.


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Things will get better.. trust me they will.. God has its ways to balance things out... Good things will definitely come your way... Just hang in there... You have a lot of life ahead of you... Try to hold on to the little things to get you through the day...

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

Rabi, you've heard it all before. But I'm going to say it again because that's the fact of life:
God will help you through. Just be patient. He tests everyone in ways. Some trivial, some big. This is your test. You have to have COMPLETE faith in it. And understand this, don't just read it as words. You have to trust Him completely. He KNOWS what's best for you and that's why you have troubled times in your life. If you don't have sorrow, you'll never estimate the significance of happiness.
So just stay strong, and keep your chin up.
And rely on friends, but to be honest, everyone says they are there, but in this life- no one actually has the "time" to be there, even if they are willing to be there for you.
It's like, some thing keeps getting in the way, and so there's a lot more depression. But listen, all ou have to do is call. Okay? Unless you don't let people you'r ehurting, they won't ever know.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Btw i like your template...Its cool..