Nothing in particular

We I am attempting to write that all mature and you sophisticated.
Lets see. So this post is genrally gonna be about hpw much i think the universe should start revolving around me, so you just disontinue reading.
I am marvelled at the amout of free time I have on my hands, honestly if you notice the fact that i have been able to follow up all of my blogs with yet another meaningless blabber you would realize what im talking about here.
Now concerning my view of the entire world being filled with sorry souls just drifting around purpouseless with thier minds full of" omg my life sucks", its not that im emo or something its just that well I dunno I PMS a lot i guess, but like anyother normal human being I have a brain which gives me the ability to think and for some reason i find my self concerned with bigger thoughts omg my bf was totally flirting with tha bitch.. ugg i hate him. Well really i mean there are things like cancer HIV and variously diseases in the world, many people are dying from it, hell we have IGCSE exams in 8 freaking days and all people can think is that do you think this lipstick goes with my dress.
Lastly i thnink that the minstry of education needs to really review theyre examination boards (if they have any). And you tell what is death, how am i supossed to know that when im still very much breathing.
So do you think this was mature and or sohisticted plz comment:D


BoogieMonsterMan said...

Nice layout. Sophisticated, idk abhout that =/
Buuuut..comparitively better.