Time and tide wait for no man...
Proverbs, often meant to be metaphorical, funny how true they sometimes seem.
I mean just think about it; one minute your a little plumb toddler in your mummy's arms, the next your walking talking and annoying everyone with your nonstop blabbering, the next your starting school. You no longer want your mom and dad to be there. Youve made friends, life couldnt be better.
You close your eyes to inhale and enjoy this moment, you wake up and your life just took a sudden u-turn to hell. Well its over now so you exhale, but youve never quiet recovered, you just wait cautious and alert for the next blow.
Youre in grade 9 youve just started a new school, you hate every minute of it. But then you meet people and you think its not so bad, so u stick your chin up, keep a stiff upper lip and just suck it up.
You closed your eyes for just one second and you wake up and your in mid-term the teachers droning on about something, you couldnt care less.Your surrounded by people saying things, you see this mouths moving but you dont here anything.
Finally its summer break. You rejoycing with a drink and all the junk food you could find, enjoying the bliss of being alone.An bam your in grade 11 and holy shit just a week, barely even left for your IGCSE exams and your blogging, but you just needed to get this out, or we just might have to post another entry about how bored you are.


TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

I loved this entry. The descriptiosn were beautifully put =)