Sortof related to the last post

Ok the last post it dosent how the fact that im emo or something its just one of those days, i hope other people have, well not really thst would be kind of cruel but but just so i dont end the only freak.
So yes getting back to the point im tired of looking at my chem book, because it is ugly, just horrid truth be told.
Today moring i waited 2 hours exactly just so i wouldnt have to get up and look at that *%*$*$ book.
It did not help, since i had to spend the rest of my day looking at it.
But i suppose since the exams are like two days away i have to.
I just remembered this thing Ry keeps asking me how do i motivate my self, i attempted to figure it coz, because truth be told i was completly cluless as to the awnser.
Then I remembered this book called the other side of midnight by sidney sheldon had this sort of line i never have been able to forget; it went like" i dont want to end up like them(refering to her family), just going along without being" at least i think thats how it went.
So yes.
Ahh im tired i want a new book!!!!!!


Bitter Truth said...

oh oh oh!! I SO hated chemistry!! And, the book was something that always ridiculed me :/

Emo? You? I don't think so. We all have those horrific moments and we can't help it. Pretty normal.

The other side of the midnight is pretty much the only book of Sheldon that i like...I would recommend you to read "sold" by Patricia Mccormick. One of the extremely real and eyeopening books I have ever read..

Best of luck for the exam! Rock on \m/

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

To each their own..I never get motivated enough with words or gets to me some time =/

R.A.B.I.A. said...

well thank you fo commenting bitter truth i dont know you name so yes.
And im not realli emo well most of the time.
im gonna chk it out