Groupism, definition-noun the tendency to conform to the general thinking and behavior of a group.
we see it all around us you can call them cicks you can call them sisterhood of the travelling pants, its still groupism.
Im not judging anyone or saying we should all be one big happy family.No,I myself am groupist, I conform to the genral thinking and behaviour of a group.The point im trying to convey is that sometimes its a bit too much specially when members or a particular group form thier own group and get all yeah its kinda personal, you know its her thing. And then they ask you dude why dont you talk to us, you think i dont love you.Seriously dont you think when certian people who you think are really good friends just form thier own group and try to be all secretive and dont even mention the names of the people in fron of you.Can you blame someone for just getting up and talking to people who actually bother including you in a conversation.Really.
Why did you have to go and make things so complicated.