What i do when im bored

*Phone rings*
Saba picks up *dead voice*....heloo
Me; Hi saba??
Saba how r u??
Me;omg did u hear N gt a bf
Saba; No freaking way
ME;mmhmm and so did urdu nerd
Saba;*Shocked* No Way
Me; Ahann
Saba;Says something me to busy is watching matthew magconahy
Me;huh wtf
Saba;omg wht r u gonna do
Me;abt what
Saba;u know when you boyfriend(when you finally find the one) says i love you, youre gonna be like huh???
hes gonna be like i love u
youre gonna be huh....I love grays anatomy.
Hes gonna be like wtf
Me;Heyyyyy so not true
ME;well you know ifyou bf says i love you ud jump him
ME;Why are you proud of that.
Saba; I hate Chem
Me;i know

Continues for about and hour


TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

Yay for N and Urdu Nerd.No idea who they are =/ stupid code language >.>

Anonymous said...

lol... that was funny... :P :P
And congrats to N and Urdu Nerd from my side :D
P.S. Amazing graphics... I mean your blog theme (:

Bitter Truth said...

N and Urdu nerd! Lucky :D

It was funny :P