.....hollow sound

Thats the sound you would here if you were to rap my head right about now.i know this seems like a bit of an exxageration but i am literally bored outta my mind.
Arfa you blogged the very thing ive been thinking ever since...i dunno forever.
UAE has nothing fun to do...which well affordable
So lets randomly blabber i thought to myself.
First up is why the hell is everything in this freaking country so costly????DO they not realize the fact that normal people also reside in this country, who have to pay thier rent and dont get a free villa courtesy the goverment!!!!
I have begun to seriously dislike the tv.
I mean really what is the harm in playing a normal movie once in a while and mbc4 please note:were not all arabs.We like to watch stuff that we can actually understand and just stare at perfectly made up arab versions of barbie nad ken!!!!
Indian soaps are blah...But kudos to you for finally dropping the sas on bahu and vice versa crap and starting up the issue of polygmy in almost every serial.
The only thing left to watch on tv is scrubs and thats just on on sunday.
I want to try to make a choclate soufflae...or rather have someone make it for me and eat it.
Its amazing to finally taste normal dahi.Pakistan dahi is so....pure.I mean no preservatives or artificial flavours.How else are we supposed to enjoy yougurt and at the same time contract awful diseases.Tsk tsk.
Wow i think this post just turened into a rant.
Huh this really must be a case of monday blues i supposes.
Lets see if tuesday fares any better.