Boy do i have a few things on my mind.......

Well ladies and gentelmen im back to my hometown of dxb, and let me tell you it feels amazing to be back in the desert.
Ofcourse i miss the not being able to sleep at night because the light goes of every 10 seconds.Ok exxageration an hour, and then staying up all night talking with my cousins about nothing and everthing at the sametime.
Just packing up getting in a car and heading to god knows where in the middle of the night(my cousing drove ofcourse seeing as im not allowed anywhere near a steering wheel, since one itsy bitsy disatorous attempt after another and then another)
But i finally figured whats the difference between the break and the race.
My house was a mess.....took me ages to get it back to gather.
I wonder how it is that men do not seem even the least bit botherd about this fact.
How can anyone be surrounded by a pile of dust and junk in a place that looked and smelled like someone had been brutally murderded here and then left here to rot.And now as our maid back in pakistan used to say "mien chuk par gayi hai"......
What i miss most about pakistan is....

I felt amazingly refreshing to be surrounded by family who constanly pick at your flwas and throw water at you again and again despit the evil eye i gave them quite a few times.The amazing scenery's of ayubia and nathakali.
I learned how to actually be useful in the kitchen and not just hover around and chat and irritate people.And im proud to say i have perfected the art of breakfast especially eggs and just the right toast.Chopping onions and tomatoes and what the pakistanis like to call masala:)
Unfortunately i think i might be hooked on tea.
I just keep waiting and waiting for the lights to suddenly go off and me to start cursing asif zardari and the pakistani goverment for thier uselessness.
Heres a list of names my mamu came up for me.
otheres that are really hard to pronounce.

All in all i had an wonderful time in pakistan despite the constant loadshedding.
Insomnia.People trying to put a truck of food in my stomach.
But i would be a liar if i said it isnt amzing to be free of the heat and humidity and lightlessness of pakistan and back in the reespite of an ac.which hopefully will never go of...

In the end happy birthday to arfa.
Love you blog.I just read all ive missed.


TehBoogieMonsterMan ^___^ said...

I'm glad you had an amazing trip. You deserved it. This post was well-written. Oh and thansk for the bday wish =D love you