Idiot bimbo1:Why is the kaabah blakc?
Even more idiotic imbo 2:Duh!coz blacks hot.
Me:WTH *stunned silience*
O wait it does get better, the islamic teacher is standing there and just laughs it off.
What gets me even more pissed is the fact NO ONE said anything to that freak.NOt even me,granted im not the stand up and start fighting kind of person,the least i could have done have attempted to knock some sense into that thick skull of her.
Im not gonna mention a name,because even though i dont think she has enough brain in her to be able to read,I have managed to get into trouble for mentioning names (courtsey a few).
What amazes me is how can someone mock thier own religion like that,and not be rebuked by an entire class of what 20 students not to mention a really elderly islamic teacher.

does this picture not make sense???
Image from postsecret :D


Closed eyes... said...

That's just sad how we have lost respect for our own religion. I hope it gets better :[

And, our teachers really need to be more sensible!