I still dont know what to do

Ive always known id want to be somebody not just anybody,i want to travel the world, i want to live on my own terms.I want to be free with no one to hold me back(the reason the im against marriage)
My dreams my aspirations my professions have changed every month every week sometimes.One day i want to be a vampire slayer anotheri want to be a secret agent(Bear in mind i was 12).I always thopught id know what i want to do when tyhe time comes.
But now when its time to actually choose a path in completely flabbergasted.Seriously,I have no frigging idea as to what i want to do.I just know i want to be really rich and travel and stuff.
So if you people would help me and leave some suggestions as to what you think i should do.PLEASE

P.s.I ahve a black theme wohooooo


TehBoogieMonsterMan said...

Love the new theme. Very sleek.

I think you should be a doctor, you'd make a great one. However, seeing as doctors have practically no life during the first 10-12 years, an dyou wanna travel and stuff, how about getting into..uhm...psychology? Or bio-medical shizz?

Ry said...

I still think a doctor would be perfect for you.
You'd feel great- doing something for someone else.
And also, you have the ambition.. The skills.. The talent.
You can do it. I really believe so.
But uhm.. Yeah. Biomedical techonology? How about it? Or an engineer?