Drama queen

Why do people have this annoying habit of over reacting.Maybe its the fast getting to thier brains.Maybe its the fact that these people are downright moronic.Whatever the reason be,I do not think they have any right at all to jump to coclusions wiothoiut hearing the entire story.
Is it really necessary to exxagerate things and Ugh.....
None of my thoughts are making sense right now.
Im hungry and im pretty sure ive dehyrated.
And here i was thinking lets be calm and happy during ramadan.Lets not try to think about murder and suicide...Lets just spend the next 30 days in euphoria.See how well that turned out.
Sometimes i think the idea of having friends is completely and utterly idiotic.
Why do you need relationships even not just friendship, when you know these are the people that will eventually attempt to rip your heart out.And will forever loom in the shadows waiting to pounce on you waiting to just tear you appart.
Maybe im a drama queen, and maybe im exxagerating this.
Whatever.I dont even care anymore.


TehBoogieMonsterMan said...

A person does not really need anyone, so to say. But then one starts feeling empty inside. So you need friends to make you happy, to have fun with, to enjoy, to laugh with.
Life goes on if a friendship is over, a person lives, you find other friends.
I believe that friendships never really do last long, things chaneg, people change, we all drift apart. It's nothing to be sad about. IT happens, and it's part of life. It's the "bigger picture"

So although you don't need anyone to live and breathe, you need people to be happy which is the essential key for the soul :]

Hope you're not getting bored of my "lectures"

Ry said...

It's true- people always say that they don't need others, but that's just stupid. How much can you wallow in your own misery and just be pathetic? Seriously.
Not everyone will 'rip your heart' out. Not everyone will betray you. Granted, not all friendships will last since people will change and such but that doesn't mean you have to give up. you're /young/ how can you give up on something like that?!
And, as usual, Arfa always steals everything I need to say.
Except- Arfa-- take your own advice too!