>>>>>>>BLah <<<<<<<<<

SO IGCSE examination....Holy shit!!!!!!!!
My last few exams have just managed to cross the OK line, by 0.000000002!!
And i dunno what i did in bio.. i mean i was pretty sure of my graph.But then i found out that it was wrong apparently. This kind of really really sucks, not just the I'm exaggerating because im such a drama queen, but really as in literally totally, sukily but yes. So Mari yes im not oficially in your were gonna fail group.
My mind apparently is still slumbering so cant get any normal post outta it.
btw..does my mom dosent allow phones, she thinks theyre evil, kind make it obvious you dont wanna give your phone number????


TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

I so didn't understnd the last line about phones?
And oh oh! PLEASE! Give me a break! You are a nerd. Yo uwere studying. You aced it. So STFU.
And also, i found out that I fucked up Business A* answer. So ha.