Random facts I would rather no one knew about me

1.I had a crush on tarzan.Yes the disney tarzan.I know what you thinking,I my self cannot fathom the reason behind this.
2.I like watching the disney channel, yes even barbie.
3.When i get nervous for some reason my face starts itching.
4.I am afraid of the dark.I sleep with a torch under my pillow.
5.I actually like smelling my hands before an exam for some reason that makes me feel better.
6.i have violent dreams. I say I do not dream but the truth is I dream about terminator salvation esque scene.
7.I did not understand Edward cullen craze till well i duuno somehow i was just in love with him.
8.When i listen to a song i like imagining the video.
9.I like having flour of my face.
10.Recently i have been infatuated with the powerpuff girls.Last night i did not sleep because i kept replaying some creepy powerpuff girls episode in my head.
11.When a cute guy talks to me my brain hurts,probably coz im thinking of something clever to say.Which comes out totally wrong.
12.I thought barbie was the queen of the worlds name.
13.I thought Quaid azam was my grandfather, even though they both look really different.
14.I say I hate kids but sometimes i dont, well most times i dont.
15.I punthure my teddy bears stomach when im pissed.


TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

Hey! -I- had a crush on Tarzan too. It's not creepy >.>

4. o.0 COOL!

9. ... wut?

10. Lesbian fantasies? ROTFL

11. LMAO

13. Didn't we all? =D

Ry said...

I actually didn't know know most of this stuff about you. Whoah. I love these facts. They totally contribute to like..you xD I want to know more about you. To unveil yourself and your "secrets" :P