dreary summer days

I think the creavite part of my brain has come a complete shutdown.
I havent been able to blog since my exams got over.its annoying.
For all you out there who think im wierd heres another one for you.Ive recently developed this new habit of laying down on my bed, and staring up at the glow in the dark stars ive stck on the cieling listening to mellow songs mainly;
Savage gardens-truly madly deeply
Yeng constantino-if we fall in love.
I'll be right here waiting for fou.
hero-enrique eglasis
invisble-taylor swift.
you found me & how to save a life-the fray
And moctly chasing cars
Tear drops on my guitar-taylor swift
And your not sorry- taylor swift.
No promises-shayne ward

Its not really an emo trait, au contariar if you ever try it, you'll be amazed at how soothing, caliming relaxing listening to these songs can be.
Im leaving for pakistan on the 4th of july...
Hope it rains there.
Or the goverment finally realizes there are a large no of sources of electricity.
And they do not need to punish the people of pakistan just because....


Ry said...

Haha. I agree. My creative part.. My thinking part.. Everything has just gone plooft. I'm litearlly just on the computer all day listening to music or just drawing..or..just being an idiot. YES. it's annoying if you don't blog. It's LOVELY if you do blog. And yes, I'm still your faithful followeeerr~
Oh, I've actually heard most of those songs, yes, love mushy songs, but calm nevertheless =)