little moments

Well the reason i havent updated my blog in so long, is merely the fact that i seen to have run out of ideas.Im making up to you using this blog.
Little moments, the words say it all dont they;
How many times have you heard the saying its the little moments in life that makeit worth living.
If you really think about it, and i mean really, if you just shut of that voice in your head and think about it, it is true.
But isnt it also true its the big moments in live thaat make it worth living.
worth living whaht does that even mean.
Does it mean you wake up in the morning and dont have to think, oh god why me.
Does it mean you go through an entire day not thinking god i hate my life.
Does it mean you sit with that content smirk on your face,all your sorrows forgotten.
Doesnt it mean taht one day instead of complaining about what you dont have your actually thankful to god for all the blessing He has bestowed upon you.
If you use this definion of worth living and combine it all togather; does it not all add upto something. like happiness maybe, maybe you dont feel like an oputsider in this universe.
Dont worry about the fact that no one has even botherd to call you, in the time that has passed since the end of school.
Your so called friends havent even called you.
Dont get me wrong this is not a call for help.


TehBoogieMonsterMan ^___^ said...

Hey Rabia,
You know, to be honest- you gotta consider this too:
Your friends didn't clal you, but did you call them too? Maybe some of your friends too feel like you haven't called them. Maybe they feel the exact same way that you do. You gotta look at both sides of the coin.

And personally for me, I'm not a big talker. I don't like conversation. Not on the phone or online atleast. And plus being busy with guests all the time makes it all the more hard for me to call you. That doesn't mean I don't miss you, or don't care about you, or even that I didn't wanna call you. I did and I still do. But it's just that you gotta understand that as a friend that you know, some people have an aversion to socialising. That's just that. It dones't mean that they don't care.

Bitter Truth said...

Maybe you should give them a call :)

Choti Choti Khushiyan make life worth living, at least for me :) That includes sleeping past 9:00am :P