Why oh why must you taunt me so....
Last night i lay awake till 6 staring up at the ceiling when three things came to my mind.
Uno;I must figure out how to add videos to my blog.
Second;In my last post when i said life sucks;Dont get me wrong im not one of emo people,I should rephrase, What I mean to say was life has its ups and downs, i guess you could even say its the bad moments that make the good ones sweeter.
Its more or less like a chess game, it can go on as long as people want to keep playing it, or till one becomes hopeless and surrenders.
You win some you lose some.
This is how I would describe my 16 years of life.
I mean i would im good academically, im polite and respetful and i have "universal values", I have friends who have on numerous occasions tried to crack my bubble, with no luck nonetheless.
I would say my parents are pretty proud of me.
But something is missing.
Its like that song desperate by david arculeta you want somebody, just anybody to touch your soul tonight.
I havent achived much.
Im not a social worker.
I not all cheerful.
I still dont know half my classmates full names.
Im not all spiritual.
So what have I done with my sixeen years of life?
In decmber im going to be 17.
I hope before that time i can atleast be so confident that i have made a difference in someones life.
Been the reason someone wakes up every morning with a smile on thier face.
Contributed to change.
After all like gandhi said be the change you want to see in others.
So im quitting gossiping.
Im quitting being vindictive and vengeful.
And I might even hug my ex-loathees on the 12th.Might.
Oh before i forget the third thing.
Im in love with this song kiss me by six pence none the richer.I wanna upload it on my blog.


Too Angelic To Be On Earth said...


rabia said...

lol thnk u!!!

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

I'm so proud of you. This is the change I wanted in you =)
to stop being vidictive vengeful and to stop gossiping. You moved one step closer to God, now He will come running 10 steps to you, inshAllah =)

May you be free from all sorrows =)
I love you.