Is it me???

Two blogs in one day..record for me so far.
But Ive decided its about time i got this of my chest.
Saturday i went out with two of my friends; neemal and shabano.
That was supposed to be a girls night out or so i thought.What they were actually looking for was a chance to hook up with their guy friends.
And later they have audacity to cut ME out of their lives.
Is it me, or does the fact respect your friends wishes, respect their space no longer exist in the 21st century.
Unbelievable isn't it. How some people can be so cold and downright assholes to stamp all over their friends and thier feelings for personal gain.
At the moment im appalled and disgusted by my friends behaviour.
I would prefer to be friendless and alone then have such friends.
i honestly cannot wait to get to pakistan.
At least people there can pull of fake nice.


Ry said...

Hence why I'm hesitant and not so keen on hanging out with people sometimes. I /like/ girls night out because we get to goof around like idiots and enjoy ourselves without smart aleck retorts from those idiots(aka:guys) but ..Tch. As if people understand it nowadays.
Maybe it's the fact that they didn't understand about your opinion. Maybe you should have confronted them? XD I surely would have.
And yes, yes it is unbelievable, but hey- it's dubai. What do you expect? ..Ah yes, my dislike for this country hasn't all.

Bitter Truth said...

You know what's right - Don't be friends with people, who don't respect you and reciprocate your love :)

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^___^ said...

Are you back from Pakistan because I remember calling you alot 3-4 days after I came basck from Pakistan and no one picked up at your home or cell.

Anyway-- I know how highly irritating it is when they do that, hence before going out with them I make sure no guy is coming.
Look-- they don't ditch you, I know them, and they are not using you, but they just seem to -want- to hang out with guys because..well..they don't get many chances to otherwise.
But I think you're over-reacting a little bit.
But if they hadn't told you before-hand of guys coming there, then yes you're absolutely right to feel the way you feel now. And that was totally wrong on their part.