heloo every one and Eid Mubarak to you all..
I never really like eid truth be told.I was never excited about as much as all the others.The only part i really like is applying henna part and... oh yeah getting dressed.Henna is just plain amazing..the tingly feeling you get whn you first apply it the way it smells..the way it looks when its all done..and mostof all the patterns mainly consist of flowers which i <3.
I never seem to get enough or rather any sleep on eid days..its not im excite or anything its because my brothers are sooo uber excited..they have to call all thier friends..get thier clothes and all ready..and god if they cant sleep any one else should..But no worries i get back at them during exams.(LOL)
I love getting dressed up.Be it to go to the mall or the shop downstairs..Why you make wonder or even ask i dont like getting dressed up to school.Well the main reason is because..i have no time..and i cant really find any thing the goes with the uniform,the things that do are all against school laws as like to call it.
Ah school some thing i can go on and on about...