RaNdOm/WiErD FaCtS

i <3 black
i own a lot of black
i like reading romance novels
i dont think my toenails really grow that much
i like double chocolate chip cookies
i wanna be tall
i like guys who are tall
i hate insects
i hate all most all animals.
i hate indian tv drams
i like some indian movies
i never listen to people when they are talking
i think about awesome things to write about on my blog at night
but then i forget.....
i like brown hair..
i want to get blond highlights
i get annoyed easily
i want to travel around the world
i want to go to rome
i hate pasta
and macaroni
i have a crush on someone everyother day
i have never had a boyfriend
i have been hooked up with people sevral time
i liked some of them
but i dont want on
im easily bored
i dont forgive and forget
i hate it when people say mean things to my friends
or about them
i hate showoffs
i hate people who think they're..all that
i dont like ice cream all that much
i love choclate
i like lollipops
i like curly hair
i chew on my lip a lot
esp.whem im nervous
i never talk to people first
i hate my handwriting
wish i could write like a computer
i like little babies
i dont like big kids
i love to be hugged
i like pale people
i wish i was pale
i wish i had coulerd eyes

im all out of facts..for now


Poisoned Apple said...

Rotfl at number 4 =D

Don't wish to be beautiful or pretty because:
1. You already are.
2. Beauty doesn't last, it's your heart. Work on that, instead of your looks. You're a great person, you just need to be happier and stronger, and you have me and Nabiha, and we'll help you and support you whenever you need us, inshAllah.

Btw, I thought you loved Indian dramas?