First day of grade 11/earthquake/arfa

yes yes i know its a tad bit late ok very late to be writing about school,which btw was on the 7th,but you know what they say better late then never..
I was up late yesterday,and this is entirely the fault of tv channel owners,because they were screening all my favourite movies and before i knew it was 3:30 and my eyes were read and swollen and i was watching i know what you did last summer. I figure since i was up this late might as well stay up and have sehri and then sleep..well my plan was working out perfectly when i realize that tomorrow was school and that i had to get all my stuff ready..when i laydown and started drifting of to stupid alarm started ringing...
It was soo nice to see my friends again in the bus and in the school..why is it that all of my friend had an amzing and adventureous summer and i had the most blah of all summers??did i mention it was awesome to see all of my old friends...we were all hugging..
Our new class teacher Miss mariama was very strange and i didnt really think she was better then sindu as all my friends seem to think!! arfa was voted class president..which i really think she ought to be because she ploite and respectfual and stuff and FD is all oh i all her group!!mariam was very ahem affectionate towards a particular group..sindu impinge no doubt!!i dont understand why all these teachers are so keen of some people eventhough they are bitches to say the least!!
We got our timetable which btw is the worst so far.Now we will have physics chemistry and biology and maths everyday copled with two peroiods of maths on thursday and tuesday i think!!which in my opinion is completely unfair..our pe teacher aliisa left..and yipee for that..she was totally biased and racist.
The day was too long and tiring.As soon as i got home i collapsed on my bed..
there was an earthquake her yeaterday..i think i felt not really sure..i was tired and sleepy and my eyes were half shut when i felt my bed quiver..but i thought it was just my brother trying to scare i sad a lot of indeciperable curse words and fell asleep.

This is for arfa..i wasnt just pretending to be happy on the first day i actually was how emo do think i am??


Poisoned Apple said...

Glad to knwo that you were actually happy, and thank God for finally telling me your link. Been wondering where your blog disappeared.
Btw, sorry about not replying on msn, as I told you, my computer has a virus and so yahoo and msn get stuck or close suddenly. Ugh.
Well, stay happy. I love you.xox

uglyduckling said...

Chemistry is boring. =(

Richa said...

i actually just now read ALL your blogs. ha. i'm addicted to reading yours and arfoo's blog now. it's pretty awesomee. and you like tall guys? o: wowww. but that's pretty common in the uae. and no worries- somehow we'll survive this yr..i hope

Enchanted said...


i dotn knw why i squealed but well, ts never too late to write about skool , we "<3" that topic afterall