Why are fictional characters so perfect

Hey ya all..
I read this book she went all the way by megcabot and the lead was breathtakingly handsome.
he was 6'2 and 200 pounds of hard muscle all wraped in a irrisistebaly long limbed package.With thick dark hair already turning gray in spots.In addition he was a moviestar. Not just a movie star a brad pittesque movie star,ie a familyguy, who like to stay out of the media glare was reserved and perfect.(hubba hubba)
Then of course there is Edward cullen...OH.M.GEE. was he perfect with his perfectly topaz eyes which turned black if he was thirsty.With his really pale complexion and perfect everything..ant being a total gentleman and i do mean gentle. i totally was infatuated with him since the first day i read Twilight.So what if he was a vampire.I would gladly sacrifice my soul for him.
Why cant guys like that exist in the real world.
Reading this book has made my hotness detector crank up a lot.I mean whos wouldnt after reading these books. It dosent help that these books were written by women.And every one knows theres no one who can cause a person to drool quite like a woman can.


Enchanted said...

Ruby Ruby Ruby, your topic title answers your question..
Sad but true, Fictional characters are so perfect because they are fictional..
because they aren't real.. and in real no ones perfect in reality.. so just the opposite view of it is cast in the books..
they are just books.. so why not have a perfect 'every girl's dream' kinda character.. =/

Poisoned Apple said...

Haye.. <3

Carrieann said...

Good for people to know.