im in a strange way a normal oversensitive teenage girl who loves black blue and purple and whom you may find sitting in a corner arguing with the strange voices in her head. Im moody and often slip into a strange phase of depression. Sme times im chirpy and chatty..other times im silent and brooding..complete with a pout!!I like movies the internet and people who are nice to paranoid and think of atleast 8 things that can go wrong before doing something..hate talking except to my self. I live in the my own dremland dubbed rabiville..where everything is always allright and everone lives happily ever after and is always singing.
Hmmmm. I think thats all ..


Poisoned Apple said...

You're whatever you are but I <3 you =)

Enchanted said...

Same here! And dude, i actually like the intro so much, that is how its supposed to be like, short and sweet, not like a hugggeee intro which i gave =(
and i am somewhat like you too =P

rabia said...

naina i luved yours soo much..i was dude damnit why couldnt i write something like that..instead i had to become all emo