Today was the last day of school.I wish!!
Starting from today we have a holiday of 10days.YIpeee..Seriously i have had enough of this school!
From chem physics,bio,maths every single day of the week.
Being soo tired i can hardly lift my butt of the bus seat.
Having to take mariama itty blabber every single day!
Having to listen to mindless jabber of some.
BUT.... i will have to study because my igcse exams are closing in.(WTF)
But the real WTF is the fact that two teachers accused me of never smiling.WTF
I was going to retort" i do just not for some people" ahem..if yu know what i mean


Poisoned Apple said...

Your sarcasm kills me =D

Anastácio Soberbo said...

مرحبا ، انا احب بلوق.
فقط أكتب ما يمكن ان يترجم.
أ الحضنه من البرتغال

huda said...

aWesOme rAbiIi...KeeP uP dA gOod wOrk =)

Alu said...



WTF...THRICE...=P ahahahhaa! lol