Maths test.Continued

This is part two of the math test post.
I just came back from this iftar party at Asian palace.And it was A BUFFET.They should be banned!!really.I ate a lot(so much that i probably gained 6 kgs) of frenchfries and well chicken,because it was mainly all that.Chicken in every possible way it can exist.
But it was superb.My only concession was that i had a diet coke with.Which i dont really think helps much.
I was so bored because it was my mom and dads friends and and they kept chatting about things i dont think i can ever fathom.You guessed it politics.So as i was saying before i started rambling i had random thoughts.
thought 1
: i love the way Ry says rabi.I hate being called that because it was originally "invented" by a person i truly deeply despise.But I love it when she says it.
Thought 2:i like elmo from sesame street and think he should be the lead not stupid big bird!
Thought 3:What is it whith paki guys these days i mean really i saw atleast 8 guys who had the same look.Oh i should probably explain what im talking about.Shoulder lenght greasy hair,a weird replica of what should be a goatee, with a tight black t-shirt.Seriously people theres a thing called fashion channel.Not that im some sort of fashion expert or even fashionable but do these people reallt expect a girl to look at them twice with that look.
Thought 4:Im racist seriously i just figured that out.Guess who i dont like!!
I cant really remember any more.


Poisoned Apple said...

Barney is sexier ;) =P
But then again, it's creepy, I mean, a big purple dino with a 40 year old's voice, settling children on his lap...erm..Michael Jackson impersonator! =D
Corny as it was, fun post, lol.
And I totally know what you mean by those greasy-haired guys, if you can even call them that =D
Those John Abraham type wannabe people =D

rabia said...

u leave my jhon utta ds...they can never measure upto him even if the invented a machine to impersonate jhon...
jhon is perfect!!

Enchanted said...

Hah! That's is exactly why i love Ranbir! xD
No one can carry off shirtlessness and towel dance and all the other hot hot things as coolly as he does =P
and nana nana nana nana ELMO's WORLD! =D i used to sing this last year! =P
ahh i like Big Bird too! =/ But Elmo is super duper truper cute!! =D