RaNdOm/WiErD FaCtS2

I finally have more ramdon facts to write about:

I hate fruits

i hate vegetables.

i love cheese

espicially cheeder

i love pizza

i love icecream

im a picky eater

i hate new things

i dont like expressing my emtions

i cant cry at funerals

i cant jump with joy

or rather..i dont like to

i hate non fiction
im a nerd
and proud of it
i dont know what i wanna be
i ahve no idea what i wanna do with my life
i hate talking
im told im funny
i dont think so
i like my bus
i hate my school
i love t.v.
i like jewelry
i love shoes
i like the net
but dont really get it
im a complete total book worm
i hate chinese.
i like purple
im obsessive


Poisoned Apple said...

I <3 them =D
I knew many of them before =D and many didn't know