This week

The week was actually.....cant believe this is me writing......good.Even though we had to endure physics chem and bio and maths every single day of the week!!talk about unfair.i wish we could have school one day a week. People would actually like school!!
Our maths teacher Mariama is a complete weirdo.I don't get a word she says.i have to get all the maths sums by my self any one one who has ever seen my maths books or asked me to explain them a maths sum will testify that my way is strange..and ungetable.Im pretty sure im failing my maths weekly test.
Today especially time flew by really quickly.I had a lot of fun in my bus. we kept yelling MR chiily(in malu accent) to annoy WT.
I have to get this perfume saba put on me.i think it was addidas.
And i have to read this book P.S. I love you.
BTW can you believe i have never been to a concert!that is going to be on my new years to do list.
Biology actually gotten very interesting nowaday. I always loved bio verymuch since it educates us about gods incredible creations.The reason its gotten extra interesting nowadays is because we are currently studying human reproduction.We barely even finish one topic during classes mainly because we have a lot of questions regaring and well mostly not concerning the text (but hey can you blame us..its interesting) and because the teacher talks to fast and she has to repeat everthinh atleast three times.
Arfa keeps complaining that i do not talk..seriously what am i supossed to talk about.I havent seen much of the world.
Sabas coming over today hopefully!!


Enchanted said...

You don't have to see a lot of the world to talk you know.. Look at me ! I blabber mindlessly =P

<3 said...

*What Arfa said*
Serious, we just blabber whatever comes to your mind, but I'm glad that at least one of your days was good

Poisoned Apple said...

I'm glad your day was good =)
LOL! Ahem, euphemism much? Just say sex for the love of God :p

Anyway, I wasn't complaining, and please don't write my name. Give me an nick or something. I'm just worried about you. See if you don't talk, then I get awkward cuz there are these silences, and I don't know how to fill them. And I don't want you to feel like I'm ignoring you. I talk to anyone who talks to me.
That perfume was GOOD!
Mariama sucks, not that much, but she does a little bit anyway.

Enchanted said...

Ruby will perhaps just take time to accustom to madness =/
we are incurably insane, we can't help it though, and its not like we wanna help it =D
Advice to Ruby: Learn to be hyper =D
I mean i know u dont like jumping around in happiness but just once u start being that way, its like a happy trance you dont wanna get out of =)

rabia said...

ooooh im ruby..i was like who d hell are u talking to??